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Omni-Directional Receiver [AQRX-4002] 

Ideal for behavior studies and researches on small fishes using ultrasonic biotelemetry.

With four receivers connected to this Omni-directional receiver, this system is capable of receiving 32 Gold Code signals simultaneously.
It can also be connected to a computer and save raw data as CSV files using a compatible software and display real-time position and depth of pingers.

* Gold Code is a Pseudo Noise (PN) code with minimal interference among signals

Compatible Pingers are the world smallest pingers equipped with depth and temperature sensors the AQPX series Gold Code PIngers

Reference (Main diagram)

Reference (Application screen)

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Omni-Directional Receiver body


Receiving Pinger
31.25kHz or 62.5kHz (AQPX series- pingers)
Receiving Channel
Four channels
Correlation Processing
Simultaneous Processing of 32 Gold Codes
LCD display
Data Output
USB Output (Serial Data)
Power Supply
AC100~240V/ DC9~24V(200mA)
270 X 240 X 125mm
Compatible Receiver
AQRTD-407A φ45 X 40 Cable 25m


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