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AUSOMS-microAutomatic Underwater Sound Monitoring System

Underwater Sound Recording can be simple !

AUSOMS-micro body

AUSOMS-micro is an ultra-compact automatic underwater sound recording device. Consisting of a recording device, power supply and hydrophones at both ends, all in a waterproof acrylic case, this device is capable of stand-alone recording. It can be attached to large marine animals or be deployed at habitats and is able to record continuously for approx. 24hrs with one CR-2 Lithium battery. Recording can be scheduled using a compatible software and recording interval can be set longer than 24hrs. Supports Linear PCM recording. Data can be saved in a micro SD card (up to 16GB).


Operation Range
100Hz-20kHz (depending on recording settings)
Sound Source Level Range
80-150dB (0dB re 1μPa)
Recording Format
Linear PCM
Recording Media
Micro SD card up to 32GB (Use only SanDisk micro SD card)
Continuous Recording Time
Max. Operating Time
approx. 9 days (with four AA batteries at WMA HQ mode)
Recording Timer
Can be scheduled using a compatible software
Size and material
Length 100mm, Diameter 22.5mm, Polyacetal Case
Weight in air
44g (including battery)
Weight in water
14g (including battery)
Max. Depth
Power Supply
One CR-2 Lithium Battery



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