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AUSOMS-mini stereo [AQM-003]Automatic Underwater Sound Monitoring System

Underwater Stereo Recording can be simple !

AUSOMS-mini stereo body

AUSOMS-mini stereo is an compact automatic underwater stereo sound recording device. Consisting of a recording device, power supply and hydrophones at both ends, all in a waterproof case, this device is capable of stand-alone recording. It can be attached to large marine animals or be deployed at habitats and is able to operate continuously for approx. 29 days with two D-size batteries. Long duration recording is possible with adjustable recording intervals. Supports Linear PCM and compressed recording. Equipped with 4GB of internal flash memory storage and can record additional data to a micro SD card (up to 32GB).


Operation Range
100Hz-23kHz (depending on recording settings)
Sound Source Level Range
approx. 70-160dB re 1μPa (depending on recording settings)
Recording Format
Linear PCM, MP3, WMA
Recording Media
4GB of internal flash memory + Micro SD card up to 32GB
Max. Recording Time
6hrs for Linear PCM (depending on format)
Max. Operating Time
approx. 29 days (with two D-size batteries at WMA 32kbps mode)
Recording Timer
Capable of three scheduled recording in one day
with adjustable recording time and mode
Size and material
Length <419mm, Diameter 60mm, Polyacetal Case
Weight in air
Weight in water
approx. 230g
Max. Depth


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