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GoldCode Pinger (equipped with depth and temperater sensors) [AQPX-1030P] 

Pinger equipped with depth sensor
4 functions in one pinger

(1) Compact in size (φ9.5×36mm)
(2) Long distant (max. 500m)
(3) Long lasting battery (1 year for 180s interval)
(4) Multi IDs (1024 possible IDs using gold codes)

Examples of usage in various survey and research
・ Tuna Tracking
・Behavior studies of shark and red bream
・Squid Observation
・Rockfish Observation
・Seal Tracking
Can also be attached to a net or other fishing gears to know the depth of net in real time

* Gold Code is a Pseudo Noise (PN) code with minimal interference among signals


Transmitting Frequency 
Repetition Interval 
Battery Life
TX interval   1sec : 2days
TX interval  7sec : 2weeks
TX interval  60sec : 4mths
TX interval 180sec : 1year

* TX interval can easily be changed by any magnet
Sound Source Level
155dBuPa at 1m
Max. Distance
Approx. 500m ( depending on the surrounding noise, depth etc. )
Depth Range
full-scale max. 2000m full-scale min. 50m
Accuracy: 2% of full-scale
Transmission signal
31-bits gold code signal
Multi IDs
1024 possible IDs ( depending on combination of 3 pulses )
Phase Modulation
Multi Layer PZT
Max. Depth
Approx. 2000m
Weight in water

Compatible Receivers

Omni-directional Receiver
Stationary Monitoring Receiver


Catalog (約8.6MB)

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