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Stationary Monitoring [AQRM-1000]@

Capable of receiving and recording signals from multiple Gold Code pingers simultaneously for up to 2 months

This Stationary Monitoring Receiver is designed to receive signals from the AQPX series Gold Code Pingers, a series of pingers that transmit Gold Codes, Pseudo Noise(PN) codes with minimal interference among signals.
With a correlator FDC-1024 installed, this receiver is capable of receiving and recording the Receiving Time, Pinger ID, correlation value, etc. from multiple pingers simultaneously, for up to 2 months. All information received will be recorded to a SD card.

* Gold Code is a Pseudo Noise (PN) code with minimal interference among signals.


Compatible Pingers@
62.5kHz (AQPX series- pingers)
Recording Data
Receiving Time, Receiving Codes (32 codes), Correlation Value
Data Storage
3MB/day (180MB/2mths) Use San Disk SD card for best results (up to 16GB)
Correlation Processing
Cross-correlation with specified Aqua Sound IC codes
Max. Depth
5MPa(approx. 500m)
64 X 300
Weight in air
Weight in water
Battery Life
Approx. 2 mths (Three D cell batteries)


Catalog (3.3MB)

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