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Product SummaryGoldCode Pinger

AQPX series[ equipped with depth sensor / equipped with depth and temperater sensors ]

An ultra-compact pinger using gold code signals which have minimal interference among signals
4 functions in one pinger

(1) Compact in size
    (The world smallest pinger equipped with depth & temperature sensors)
(2) Long distant
    (Max. 500m)
(3) Long lasting battery
    (1 year for 260s interval)
(4) Multi IDs
    (Multiple pingers could be identified simultaneously)

Examples of usage in various survey and research
・ Tuna Tracking
・Behavior studies of shark and red bream
・Squid Observation
・Rockfish Observation
・Seal Tracking
Can also be attached to a net or other fishing gears to know the depth of net in real time

* Gold Code is a Pseudo Noise (PN) code with minimal interference among signals


equipped with depth sensor
equipped with depth and temperater sensors
Size : φ9.5 X 36mm
Repetition Interval : 1,7,60,180sec
Multi IDs : 1,024 possible IDs

<Battery life>
TX interval  1sec : 2days
TX interval  7sec : 2weeks
TX interval 60sec : 4mths
TX interval 180sec :1year
Size : φ9.5 X 43mm
Repetition Interval : 1,10,90,260sec
Multi IDs : 32,768 possible IDs
Temperature Range :
         -5 to 30 degree / Accuracy:0.2 degree
<Battery life>
TX interval   1sec : 1.4days
TX interval  10sec : 2weeks
TX interval  90sec : 4mths
TX interval 260sec : 1year
Storage : SD card
Transmitting Frequency : 62.5kHz
Max. Distance : Approx. 500m (depending on the surrounding noise, depth etc.)
Depth Range : full-scale max. 2000m / full-scale min. 50m / Accuracy: 2% of full-scale
Transmission Signal : 31-bits gold code signal
Max. Depth : Approx. 2000m
Weight in water : 1.6g

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